It was in 1995 that ILL BILL, Goretex and Sabac, three veteran Brooklyn emcees, got together with DJ Eclipse and formed Non Phixion. Just six months later, they released their first single: "Legacy" b/w "No Tomorrow," which went on to sell over 10 000 copies worldwide.

From its earliest stages, the group possessed its unique musical formula. Imagine true-school b-boyisms combined with futuristic imagery. Imagine rhymes of ghetto angst, aggressively delivered over hard-hitting beats (most of them provided by Ill Bill's younger brother, the infamous Necro), coupled with thought-provoking messages of militant righteousness. Imagine esoteric slang with a dash of tongue-in-cheek noir humor. This complex blend of opposites is at the core of the Non Phixion sound. Not since Wu Tang's heyday has hip-hop witnessed such a display of unity and strength through disparity. Bill, Gore and 'Bac have three distinct flows, three distinct voices and three distinct types of lyrical content, yet they complement each other in an impressive and powerful way.

After a yearlong stint on Geffen's now-defunct hip-hop division, Non Phixion kept releasing material and playing live. They played all New York's major venues, as well as LA, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, and opened for Run DMC, Gang Starr, the Beatnuts and the Roots, among others. Non Phixion has gained a dedicated cult following, rivaled only by the likes of Company Flow and Dilated Peoples.

It is those fans that have made it possible for Non Phixion to sell over 70 000 records independently. Their impressive series of 12"s has gotten rave reviews in The Source, Vibe and UK's HHC. The group has even been the focus of articles in non-hip-hop publications such as URB and Rolling Stone.

Following the release of the "I Shot Reagan" b/w "Refuse to Lose" single in 1998, Non Phixion secured an album deal with Matador Records. They went on to release “Black Helicopters” and “Sleepwalkers” through Matador, but ultimately decided to release their full-length debut “The Future is Now”on their own Uncle Howie Records via Landspeed Distribution. The album was released in 2002 and featured production by hip-hop icons such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor and the Beatnuts as well as Necro, Dave One and T-Ray. It also featured an appearance from MF DOOM as well as a collaboration with members of Fear Factory and The Deftones.

In 2006 the group disbanded with all members diving into their own solo projects and establishing new groups (i.e. La Coka Nostra, Heavy Metal Kings). Now in 2015, almost 10 years later, the group has reunited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Non Phixion’s existence. Plans are in motion for Non Phixion to tour all over the world and give fans a chance to see the original line up of ILL BILL, Goretex, Sabac and DJ Eclipse.

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