A strange faith is brewing for these apocalyptic times. Post-fundamentalist and happy-crazy with a 35-voice choir and worshippers throughout the world, The Church of Earthalujah began in New York City in 2009. The church has cast the global warming devils from the cash machines of JP Morgan Chase and UBS – the Swiss bank that invests in the Koch brothers and climate change skepticism. These churchgoers believe that natural disasters are messages from a living thing and that we should be teaching each other to listen and pray. Earthalujah!

Since sidewalk preaching in Times Square in the '90s, Reverend Billy Talen has spent the last decade toggling between community activism and theatrical spectacle. The 35-voice Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, a central part of the Earthalujah movement, has grown up around him as the climate crisis has brought a crescendo to the "stop shopping" theme. The shopping that matters most now is dirty coal, mountaintop removal, fracking, and tar sands. Now, after films and records and world tours, the hope is that power-shopping Americans will be pulled from a deep consumer hypnosis. The hush that has settled over the American landscape, as leader after leader cannot raise an adequate voice, is answered by the preaching of tornados and fires and floods...

The members of Reverend Billy's Stop Shopping Gospel Choir represent a diverse array of economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Boasting a choir member from every continent except Antarctica, the group is comprised of moms and dads, activists, cyclists, worshippers, pagans, bakers, park lovers, tech geeks, tinkerers, campers, artists, teachers, truck drivers, gardeners, scholars, actors, nerds, athletes, executives, hairdressers, designers, angels, devils, and more. Anyone who has ever attended a Church function knows how essential the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir is to the Earthalujah movement. Whether performing on the street, stage, radio, film, video, or television, this irrepressible Choir can conjure soaring harmonies lovely enough to convert even the most jaded consumer into a stop shopping true believer.

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