Year 1997; three young people plan to form their rock band influenced by the biggest of the genre. Ángel, Arturo and Roberto restructure what was the group of its beginnings. In a short time they manage to find two guys to complete the combo. Holy Land is about to be born. Luckily or at the whim of fate they knock on the door of SOUND XXI (a studio in which all their recordings have been recorded as of today). Medieval, their first album, is on the way.

They surprise the public and the specialized press qualifies them as a revelation group. The group goes on tour, it is in the live show where people are won and they find their place in the scene from the first moment. For their next studio work they have the support of a record contract and with Legendario they manage to turn another turn of the key that was to open the door of recognition towards them.

Tierras de Leyenda and Sangre de Reyes and numerous other studio and live recordings continue the saga and their respective live performance confirms them both inside and outside Spain as one of the most important Heavy and Hard Rock bands in Spanish of all time.

Now with their new cd Quinto Elemento currently released in 2017 they will be touring once again the US.

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