Dance the greatest form of free expression. A story told through the motion of the body. Love, passion, fear, anger and all of life’s journeys can be shown through the art of dance. This is the Choreographer’s Carnival. The hottest dance show by top choreographers and dancers in the music, film and video industries.

Choreographer’s Carnival started eighteen years ago to give working choreographers and dancers a venue where they can have free artistic expression without the constraints of an artist, a director or a script. Carnival is an event where it features not only choreographers from the film and video Industries, but from all over the world. Carnival started every last Wednesday of the month in Los Angeles and now can be seen in New York, Chicago, Sydney, London & Tokyo as well. With such celebrities as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, MYA, Omarian, Paula Abdul, Toni Basil, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, Twitch, Terry Crews, Robert James Hoffman III, Lil Mama, Marques Houston, Debbie Allen, Cris Judd, Mayte, Kenny Ortega, Adam Shankman Wayne Brady and many others as participants in the show, Carnival has proven to be the apex of all dance shows. Carnival has consistently provided an outlet for the world’s top choreographers. After 18 years, we still strive to bring the world the greatest dance show on earth.

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