Gudda Gudda is a young Money Entertainment Veteran. He helped grow the label into one of the most recognizable imprints today. Being one of the original members of Young Money, which was founded in 2005, Gudda Gudda has been in the game since 2004 and collaborated with many of today’s biggest artists including Weezy, Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Jae Milz, Shanell, Mac Maine, Tity Boi, Busta Rhymes, and Bow Wow among many others.

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Lil Twist released his first single at age ten, and by 2007 Lil Wayne had signed Twist to Young Money. Lil Twist has released five mixtapes and has been featured on one Young Money compilation album. He has already collaborated with the likes of Young Money, Khalil, Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown, among others.

Jay Jones is one of the most charismatic and well-rounded lyricists in the game. As an artist, songwriter, producer, and successful entrepreneur, Jones has accomplished a lot in his young life. Music runs through his blood. As the son of Ronald (J Dawg) Jones, one of the architects of the rap genre, he has been surrounded by top names in the music industry for his entire life. He’s now turned his upbringing into a promising entertainment career. To date, Jones has released 3 mixtapes, “Only If You Kool Enough 1&2”, and “Kool, Kalm, and Kollected”. The tapes garnered over 3,000,000 downloads internationally. His video collaboration with Fetty Wap on “Zoo” has been viewed over 6,000,000 times and counting. Jones is a member of the 0017th, a widely respected rap group that includes founding members Nesby Phips and Reem, along with Hollygrove Mikey and Hollygrove Keem. Jones is much more than a future music icon. His Chill Society apparel brand and Panda Monium character has taken the world by storm, turning up on clothing and marketing materials all over the globe.

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This is Vice Versa! A rap Duo and one of the newest editions to the Young Money label. Poppy Holden born December 15 and Yaj born November 2nd 1996, make up the duo, rappers born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in New Orleans, a city that has been inspiring awarded musicians for years, the duo took to music at a very young age; and of course being from New Orleans were hugely influenced by Lil Wayne. Vice Versa first appeared on Lil Wayne’s Kloser 2 U and Kampus Krash tours in 2017, and also made their first musical appearance featured on the song “Drowning” on The Dedication 6 Reloaded Mixtape!

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HoodyBaby who was born in 1987, is a music artist, producer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas that works under 3 different names, which are all very different characters. As well as HoodyBaby (who has a cool persona), the 2 other names he goes by to tell his story in music are: Fat Leopard (who has an emotional persona) and Super Hood (who has a persona that represents his old self). In his early 20’s HoodyBaby used to go by the stage name HoodBoss ad did a few features for Lil Ronnie and Tum Tum on songs such as “She’s All Mine”, “I’m From Dallas”, and “Backstabbers”. He didn’t really take his music career seriously until he got shot and spent a couple of months in the hospital. There, he decided that he didn’t want his writing and producing skills to go to waste because if he stayed in the streets his only options would be jail or death. Hood officially signed to Young Money as an artist in 2015 and he also has a production deal with Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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Eufradis Rodriguez, better known by his stage name Euro, is one of the latest artists to be signed to Young Money Entertainment. Even though he was born in the Dominican Republic, Euro currently live in Providence, Rhode Islnd and he went to Alabama State University to play baseball for coach Melendez, but in the end he decided to drop out so he can follow his dream to become a music artist. It was the boss Lil Wayne himself who announced that Euro is the new member of YM on his Dedication 5 mixtape. This was Euro’s main introduction to the world as the tape included four hot verses from him. We also learned about his nicknames, Eureka Franklin and Eurpatti LaBelle, from Wayne in a skit on Dedication5.

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The vicious flow of Cory Gunz caught the eye of Lil Wayne which in turn led to him being signed to Young Money in late 2010. Peter Cory Pankey Jr., who was raised in the Bronx, New York, is the son of old school rapper Peter Gunz. Cory first appeared on the original version of Weezy’s “A Mili” track and then went on to appear on another one of Wayne’s hits - “6 Foot, 7 Foot”. Cory Gunz is not stranger to the public as he has also had his own TV show on MTV with Nick Cannon called “Son Of A Gun”, which consisted of six 20-minute episodes.

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