Marcelo D2, one of Brazilian hip-hops biggest stars will be coming to New York in October for a show at the Highline Ballroom

The rapper, formerly a member of the hip-hop collective Planet Hemp, has produced a number of classic albums since going solo in 1998. He has followed up first album Eu Tiro É Onda with À Procura da Batida Perfeita in 2003, one of the finest albums of hip-hop you are ever likely to hear. It also cemented the Brazilian hip-hop style which would loosely follow the aesthetics of US Hip-Hop but using samba and bossa nova samples instead of funk and solo. The title track, which translates as ‘Looking for the perfect beat’, a nod to Afrika Bambataa, is a definite highlight along with “Qual É” and “Vai Vendo”. In 2006 he released Meu Samba É Assim following it up with Arte do Barulho in 2008, a return to form with classic songs including “Dasabafo” and “Pode Acreditar (feat. Seu Jorge)”.

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