The first MC of significance to be supported by Swizz Beatz's J-affiliated Full Surface label, Cassidy is a fresh-faced Philadelphian who gained a lot of attention as a battle rapper -- with a successful bout against Freeway as one of the first feathers in his cap. People who had been following him through several mixtape appearances were more than a little surprised by the angle taken on his first solo single, "Hotel." Rather than build on his street credibility, Cassidy used the song -- with vocal hooks courtesy of R. Kelly -- to establish himself as an MC who could just deliver a fluffy chart-aimed hit with equal ease. "Hotel" more or less piggybacked Chingy's "Holidae In" as a like-themed tune into the upper reaches of the singles charts, all the while being as light musically as the same rapper's "One Call Away." Split Personality, Cassidy's debut album, arrived just as "Hotel" was peaking, in March of 2004, and debuted at the number two spot on the Billboard album chart. The following year, the MC returned with the harder I'm a Hustla, which was released roughly two weeks after he was charged with a murder that took place in his Philadelphia neighborhood. The extra attention had no negative effect on his career, with 2007's B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story bowing in the Top Ten of the Billboard album chart; its lead single, "My Drink 'N My Two Step" (also produced by Swizz Beatz), peaked at number 11 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop chart.

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Ruste Juxx
Ruste Juxx is the newest sensation coming out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. After several years of collaborating on Boot Camp Clik projects, such as Sean Price's, 'Monkey Barz', 'Master P', and 'Jesus Price Supastar' albums, along with being featured on Boot Camp Clik's 'Casualties of War' album and touring with the likes of Sean Price, Ghostface Killah and Jedi Mind Tricks. Juxx released his first solo project, entitled "Indestructible," October 2008 on Duck Down Music Inc. Ruste Juxx blazed the hip hop scene with his single "Vic Flair," which received heavy support from New York's HOT 97, and the accompanying video became an underground favorite online. 'Indestructible' is Executive-Produced by Sean Price and is spearheaded by the lead tracks "Wipe Off Ya Smile," and "Get Up." The production on the album is from PF Cuttin, Dan the Man, and Black Milk. After years of grinding, In 2010 Ruste Juxx teamed up with producer and labelmate Marco Polo to release 'The eXXecution' Marco Polo handles the entire production on the album and it also features guest appearances DJ Revolution, Black Moon, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Freddie Foxx and Smif N Wessun. Ruste Juxx is finally seeing his hard work and dedication to what he loves paying off. With this project he proves that success is the only option. The album title means he's too strong to be destroyed!!

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Jake Palumbo
Jake Palumbo is a producer, emcee, recording & mix engineer, DJ, dry humorist, perv, & the proprietor of SpaceLAB Recordings – an independent hip-hop imprint who has currently released 36 titles independently since 2003 & operated a busy, full-service recording & production studio located in Midtown Manhattan since 2011.

A resident of Brooklyn, NYC for the last decade, Jake Palumbo began his pursuits of music in the unlikely location of Johnson City, TN. Feeling geographically detached from the hip-hop culture he fell in love with was at first an obstacle, but it allowed him to develop an honest, eclectic production style & humorous, unnerving rhyme persona all his own – “too abstract for the hood, too hood for the hipsters”, he jokes in one song.

He has received miscellaneous accolades like being ranked in the Top 100 Hip-Hop Artists in NYC by The Deli magazine, being featured in the pilot episode of CNBC’s The Profit, accepting the Independent Album Of The Year Award at the Underground Music Awards (for his work with Shabaam Sahdeeq’s highly-acclaimed Keepers Of The Lost Art LP) and popping up on a variety of year-end Top 10 lists across the web. With a dedicated underground following, & growing online exposure, success to Palumbo comes not from fame or traditional accolades but from being his own boss, creation, producing artists to be their best, satisfying his audience, having independence & creative freedom & being fulfilled by the experience – aka, having fun doing it. “I think because of my other skills & things I’m appreciated for, I’m not banking on just rapping alone to be able to make an impact in the music business, so it lifts a weight off my shoulders to some degree; I can make the records I want to make, that sound dope to me – stay in business with an audience that cares, & do it on my own terms. ” Palumbo told DJ Myster on EmbassyNYC Radio 88.7 FM recently

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Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definitive MetaGod Trilogy) is a collection of some of Cambatta's best songs from his critically acclaimed Smoke & Mirrors series, plus 5 brand new songs. DMT is a culmination of years of devotion, experimentation and soul searching through Hip Hop and psychedelic drug use.

Beginning with The Porch in 2013, Cambatta reinvented himself and entered the scene with a style of lyricism comparable to greats like Andre 3000 and Jay Z. Following up with his EP The Womb and The Crackbaby in 2015, He pushed his flow and pen game even further displaying a talent for deep story telling ("Escape From The Womb"), explosive metaphors ("Ghost In The Machine") and conscious spirituality (Blessing From God) while still maintaining the swagger and grittiness expected of an East Coast rapper raised in the streets of New Haven, Connecticut.

Asked about his writing process by veteran Hip Hop journalist Rob Markman, Cambatta says, "I got really good at becoming one with death. I'm able to push myself to the brink and come back, filling up my word bank with as many words to explain the things people can't explain. Everything we do as people is all communication, it just so happens that I'm born in a time where the most popular form of communication is rap music." With the comedic, smoked-out single "Too Loud" the unbelievable title track "DMT" and the collection of classics, Cambatta once again raises the bar, explains the inexplicable, and takes old and new fans for a potent, lyrical ride.

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Kwaw Kese
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Parish Nation:
"Spreading Health Wealth & Wisdom to the Land and the People."

Parish Nation has captured the menswear market with functional, quality-driven, and innovatively designed pieces. Armed with the desire to develop a fresh, multidimensional, “postmodern street” menswear line, Parish Nation has come to embrace and define the spirit of a new generation with its clothing – both in thought and in style.

The brand’s debut collection contained pieces with retro-mixes and graphic prints, and since then, the collections that followed have progressively become more focused on detail and subdued motifs. The quality of production is reinforced with custom details that turn classic pieces into a “fresh” fashion statement.

Parish Nation has not only enjoyed commercial success by becoming an internationally recognized fashion label, but is also seeing the brands original mission statement "Health, Wealth and Wisdom," become a reality through a combination of designer voice and inspiration, organic marketing, and community involvement.

The deeply-rooted principles reflected in their mission of spreading “Health, Wealth and Wisdom," has and continues to inspire Parish Nation to set the pace and push the boundaries in men’s fashion. Their outerwear and premium, modern cut denim with signature washes, unique patterns and embroidery have elevated the label’s designs to a level that has yet to be matched or replicated in the marketplace. Because of this Parish Nation is capturing there key demographic with every season and reaming in the for front of men’s fashion.

1Worldfest Global:

In the midst of a highly charged climate and a world population rushing headlong into a more frenetic state of co-existence, we need something that can revitalize the national and global will to create a better tomorrow. Something that will encourage and uplift. Something that will empower and unify people by celebrating their unique attributes and promoting ways in which those attributes can benefit us all.

We call that thing the "1World Fest."


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