“Oh, What A Night!,” a three-month residency with iconic New Jersey rapper, mogul and media personality Joe Budden in a dynamic showcase of emerging and established artist performances, interview segments and other elements connected to Joe's background as an artist and tastemaker. Once a month, beginning January and continuing through March, the show will feature various up-and-coming and acclaimed artists and special guests, with Budden hosting the night. The inaugural show on January 22 will include creative artist H.I.M., who debuted his first EP to much acclaim in 2017, comedian Donnell Rawlings, whose credits include Chapelle Show and The Wire, and a few surprise guests.

Joe Budden’s vision to present a dynamic residency showcasing his range as a curator, artist and tastemaker aligns with our commitment to present and support unique artistic expressions, talents and cultures,” says Alex Kurland, Blue Note Entertainment Group Talent Buyer. “Joe has evolved from an artist to also a cultural figure and influencer, and his residency at Highline Ballroom will attempt to foster emerging and established talent ranging from media, comedy, music and beyond. In today’s overwhelming digital and media climate, the importance of providing an inspiring live and raw platform for creatives is more important now than ever.”

Born in New York and raised just across the river in Jersey City, Joe Budden is excited to bring his singular creative vision to the Highline Ballroom stage. “Culture, content & creators. While these words are thrown around more than ever today, it’s becoming extremely difficult to spot, find and nurture true God given talent,” says Budden. “While the music business continues to exploit & discard, and while opportunities come far and fewer, those of us in the business of MUSIC have only one job, to create through it. Backed by an amazing live band, “Oh, What a Night!” at Highline Ballroom in the heart of NYC will attempt to be that outlet. Live, Love, Laugh, Network and fellowship..... but most importantly, create.”

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