"The Technique" — Live Interview Chat Show
The Technique is a live interview chat show offering an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Each month, Paul Cantor — a journalist whose works appears in Esquire, Rolling Stone, VICE and Billboard, among other celebrated outlets — invites key innovators in music, film, fashion, media and art, for a live Q&A session and interactive experience that explores the individual techniques fueling celebrated creators at the vanguard of their craft.

In the program's interview portion, the affable Paul Cantor will explore with his guest the story of their life — hopes and dreams, ambitions and desires, the very motivations that lead them into their respective field will be discussed at length. Following the interview will be an interactive segment, a continuation of the Q&A, where the guest is drawn into a detailed breakdown of their work. Examples will be digitally projected on a screen, providing for audiences a veritable how-to guide of the guest's most closely-guarded trade secrets.

Paul Cantor
Paul Cantor is a writer, editor and record producer. As a journalist, his celebrated articles and interviews for brands like Esquire, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex and the Fader have made him one of the most thoughtful, well-read writers in media today. He has been a Music Editor at AOL, Technology Editor at famed DJ/Producer magazine Scratch, and his production work runs the gamut, from legendary artists like the Wu-Tang Clan to corporate clients including Disney, MTV, and Bacardi.

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