Bardor Purtroll
"Bardor Purtroll gives artist and bands a live streaming performance with a live audience for that one-on-one connection, meanwhile streaming to a audience of 2 million in total via platforms such as Revolt TV and Trace TV.

Highline Ballroom will be our first venue in NYC under this brand and new vision. Our stage concept is: "A well designed engine is our purpose for popular Indy musicians. The sound combined with expressions reach the left behind listeners”.

Bardor Purtroll will "Tear The Walls Down" (hence the play on "border patrol). We overcome barriers regardless.”

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Since exploding onto the Hip-Hop scene with his 2008 mixtape Goin’ Ape, rapper Stalley has been a brand unto himself. His brand of “Intelligent Trunk Music” a combination of the Southern baselines, East Coast lyricism and multi-genre Ohio funk has allowed him to stand out from the pack while simultaneously filling a void amongst his peers and gathering critical acclaim along the way. Before releasing his 2014 debut albumOhio, Stalley had already toured as a BET Music Matters artist, been featured on MTV Jams and received a coveted “XL” rating in XXL Magazine for his mixtape Honest Cowboy. In early 2016, Stalleyrewarded those fans with a project created both for them and for his own creative sanity. Saving Yusufwas a lyrical reclaiming of both the artist and the man behind the brand. He supported the project with an independently booked solo tour titled From Me To You, where he sought to perform in small venues to allow for a more intimate interaction with his fans. The tour proved to be a great success, proving to Stalley that the brand remained as strong and supported as ever.

In addition to having several releases slated for 2017,Stalley also intends on pushing his own imprint Blue Collar Group to the forefront. The creative agency is geared at pushing forth artists and creatives from hardworking areas who may not have access to some of the resources that their peers may have. “It might be a book club, an outlet for filmmakers, it can be so many things,” Stalley says. “But first and foremost, I want to help some artists that I admire really get the right looks. So as soon as I get myself back in the mix, I have a bunch of talented people I’m bringing with me.”

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Quiñ has been establishing herself as one of the year’s most exciting break out acts. Her upcoming sophomore project, dreamgirl, is another step in her quest to carve out a lane in the industry with her unique fantasy soul sound – a term coined by the singer/songwriter herself. The five track ep has already garnered critical interest with the release of its first single “sticky situations” which billboard called one of the best releases of the week while fader raved that the song was “a willowy slow burner.” Outlets like high snobiety, v magazine, elle, teen vogue and more have already picked Quiñ as one of the year’s best new artists and it’s no surprise considering the 20-something year old has been making music from a young age.

After releasing her debut EP, Galactica, in the fall of last year, Quiñ garnered critical acclaim from outlets like fader, vibe, okayplayer and more, she was then tapped by jmsn to support him on his recent tour that saw the pair wow crowds across the country. Quiñ, reveling in her live performance, played venues and festivals all year including a stand out show at sxsw, playing a run of stages including the infamous fader fort. Quiñ will continue to tour as she plays galore’s inaugral girl cult conference in Los Angeles, Afropunk in Brooklyn and more taking her fantasy soul brand to new heights.

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As we’ve mentioned before, Squidnice sees speaking the truth as a necessity—whether that be his thoughts on Trump or the back stories on his tattoos. In today’s installment of Open Space, the Staten Island rapper delves into both. “First off, he was in the WWE,” Squid says, in reference to Trump. “If you’re in the WWE, you’re not allowed to be president. That should be a rule.” Squidnice showed off some fresh ink, which he shows to literally everyone (it’s a face tat). He describes it simply as “nice,” and says he got it because he’s one of the nicest rappers in the game. According to Squid, he’s only got two tattoos—the other one, also a face tat, is of the number 22, which refers to his days of selling Xans and owning his first handgun. He’s achieved some success since then though, so he lives a somehwat more legit lifestyle nowadays.“I don’t want to have to go to jail for shooting a person who just wants to get clout off my name,” says Squidnice. “Why risk it? I’m not going to jail. It’s not for me.” Inspired by a diverse group of artists including 50 Cent, The Notorious B.I.G., Nelly and Sean Paul, Squidnice has no desire to be labeled a SoundCloud Rapper. Garnering millions of streams on the platform for his breakthrough song “Trap By My Lonely,” Squid is quick to note that he’s duplicated that success on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop, with millions of views for his music video, which dropped at the top of the summer.

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Queens, New York rapper LouGotCash makes playful, Auto-Tune-splashed songs generally centered around money and sex. He emerged in 2016 with two mixtapes (Lounited $tates of America and That's a Great Name) and signed to DJ Self's Gwinin Entertainment. After receiving attention for singles like "Pipe Down" and "Go Louie," he signed to Universal Republic in 2017 and released his single "Make 10.”

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