East of Eli is the stunning musical project from singer-songwriter Nathan West. Blending cinematic folk, pop melodies and modern electronic sound, East of Eli has been garnering both critical and popular acclaim since its formation in 2014. To date, East of Eli has released two singles off his upcoming album Lost Transmission.

On February 14, 2017, East of Eli dropped its first single entitled, "Nowhere”,͟ a love letter to West's wife, who makes her singing debut on the track, providing angelic harmonies throughout, The arrangement proves stunning, highlighting catchy melodies, soaring guitars and deep synths, a reminder of their devotion to one another despite the challenges that come with both having careers in entertainment. The song debuted on People.com and spread worldwide.

East of Eli’s second single "Childsplay" received commercial success, debuting in the iTunes top 25 dance chart, the song detailing feelings of falling in love for the first time. It also features Chyler Leigh on backing vocals. The electro pop anthem is an emotional coming of age story with West brilliantly detailing the confusion, excitement and anticipation of first love. West confides "the reason behind the song was to help my son navigate the next five years of his life as he winces ever closer to the 'coming of age' years in his life. I felt sharing my experience would give him much needed insight and perspective on what he may expect and let him know he has someone on his side that can relate to on his own journey".

East of Eli has received critical acclaim with American Songwriter noting West as an artist on the rise as well as being featured in such high-profile outlets as People Magazine, Hollywood Life, New York Post, Hallmark’s “Home and Family,” and more. East of Eli has also found success selling out top venues in the US including Los Angeles's Troubadour and New York's Knitting Factory as well headlining a sold out European tour in such cities as Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen and more including a special performance at Liverpool's famed Cavern Club where they received their ceremonial brick and future residency. Touring with his devoted wife and featured singer Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy), East of Eli has established a dedicated and fervent fan base worldwide.

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