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$250 / VIP Masterclass
An extremely intimate 1-hour laser coaching session with Lisa. Join likeminded abundant thinkers in pursuit of additional exercises and deeper concentrated information on their path to prosperity and abundance. Lisa will be covering material that is only available to VIP ticket holders (and will not be covered in the general Abundance Now (LIVE) show). Participants will also receive an exclusive “Abundance Now” VIP goodie bag and entrance to the general admission Abundance Now (LIVE) event.


We’re turning the corner to the end of the year, can you believe it!? Fortunately, the path to abundance never ends. That’s why we are hosting an exclusive event to share the secrets of attaining and, more importantly, maintaining an abundant life. For one day only, Lisa will be discussing many of the points in her bestselling book Abundance Now, including the difference between a fixed mindset and an abundant mindset, how to deal with fear, visualization techniques to help you create an abundant life, and how to identify and achieve the abundant and holistic life of your dreams. Come spend an exciting day filled with life changing information that will help you grow in your relationships, business, and finances.

For those looking for even more, Lisa is offering an exclusive VIP Laser Coaching Package. The package will include and extremely intimate 1-hour group laser coaching session with Lisa, an Abundance Now VIP goodie bag, and entrance to general admission Abundance Now (LIVE) event.

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