Featuring Performances By

Gabriella Maze (SC)
Nasty Canasta & Sapphire Jones (NYC)
2 To Fly (NYC)
Mr Gorgeous (NYC)
Medianoche (NYC)
Basil Naughty (HELSINKI)
The House Of Noire (NYC)
Ariana Savalas (HOLLYWOOD, CA)
The Brides Of Burlesque (NYC)
Evelyn Vinyl (NASHVILLE, TN)
Johnny Nuriel (PORTLAND, OR)
Fancy Feast (NYC)
Helen Pontani (NYC)
The Schlep Sisters (NYC)
Corvette Le Face (NYC)
The Spill Sisters (NYC)
Cherie Nuit (BALTIMORE, MD)

Celebrating over a Decade, of Glitter and Glamour in Gotham with over 100 performers from around the Globe!

The Annual New York Burlesque Festival is the largest and most acclaimed festival of its kind in the world, and has attracted sold-out crowds since it’s premiere in 2003. This fall marks the 15th year for this celebrated event, and producers, Thirsty Girl & Pontani Productions will once again, serve up 4 nights of glitter and glamour in Gotham, with over 120 eye-popping performances from international leading burlesque and variety entertainers at four of NYC’s hottest nightclubs. Bringing together over 2,700 enthusiastic audience members who, in addition to enjoying tassels and tail feathers will be entertained by live music, international DJ’s, variety and circus performers, boylesque, and a burlesque bazaar where you can try on custom corsets, peruse pasties, hair ornaments, vintage dresses, lingerie and even partake in a pin-up make-over.

Sunday, September 24 the festival goes out with one last pomp and circumstance at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom with The Golden Pastie Awards and Super Club Stage Show! Join us for an evening of performance and awards as we honor the weekends performers at this Oscar styled escapade, full of mischievous antics, live performances and an awards ceremony that both honors and pokes fun at the world’s finest burlesque entertainers with a double D sized Golden Pastie for winners. Categories include "Positively perfect posterior" and "Most likely to win RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Expect stellar performances and an evening of hi jinx! And, don’t miss the exclusive red carpet walk that kicks off the night!

Our dazzling line up of stars will be announced in July!

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