Whether touring the world as a bass player for an international hip-hop seven piece, or sneaking in social commentary between cheeky hip-hop punchlines, Afika Nx has developed an almost indescribable style to please the masses. After establishing himself not only as a top tier live performer in New York City, but also a Spotify chart topping artist and producer, Afika Nx now sets his sights on defining his place in the emerging AfroPop and alt-pop scene.

“Every now and then, we come across gifted musicians who effortlessly possess the abilities to boldly experiment with new sounds and styles, while finding inspirations in what’s popular. Such skills can be found in newcomer Afika Nx‘s work.” - MTV

“South African rapper Afika Nx… propels … bold bars with the use of Caribbean-infused melodies and a highly addictive beat.” - OkayPlayer

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