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Bronx born, Jersey Rasied Artist B3B3' is earning her the respect of major players with her hit, ’Threat’ spinning on Hot 97 accompanied by a high concept music video to let the world know she is just that… a Threat to be reckoned with. Since late 2016/early ‘17 she’s landed covers and features in some of the hottest publications around; all while backed by an increasingly loyal fan base.

This summer ‘17 #TeamB3B3 is gearing up for the release of her 2nd EP entitled ‘Beloved’ or to break it down ‘Be Loved’ hitting all the notes of a love story… Much like the short lived summer fling, this 5 track EP tells of the Peaks and Valleys of a collective love experience; from the initial stages of sexual attraction to subsequent intimate moments… all the way to being cheated on, having your heart broken and finding out they never loved you to begin with. From beginning to end ‘Beloved’ is about recognizing one’s own worth and creating such an elevation of self that ultimately no one will ever compare. B3B3’ mentions this is the first time she has really put forth a body of work with a well thought out message; mixing and writing every melody and lyric seeing it through from the booth to the boards.

B3’ recently wrapped the music video for the first track off her EP ‘Neva Love Me’ produced by Shy Boogs, with the second video in production for the track “Lover Like Me,’ produced by PunchBoi ft Jersey based artist, ‘Blaze the Rebel’ to follow. Working with music video director ‘Denity’ from ‘SSMP,’ ‘Neva Love Me’ depicts the trials and tribulations one might go through in seeking love and acceptance. Whether you relate in a romantic sense or through vying for the love of the industry, B3’s storytelling moves us through the millions of emotions one might feel in pursuit of this sense of security. The video’s concept is to be as fluid as love’s dynamic, represented by the duality of fire and water. ‘Neva Love Me,’ denotes the struggles we go through to attain certain levels of respect & love and is out now on iTunes, Google Play, Tidal & every big digital platform.

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homeless. nameless. placeless. sexless. restless. weakless. fakeless. timeless. hateless. relentless.


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Glass Hamlet

Glass Hamlet is an amalgam of lyrical poetry and rap. It’s highly technical verse construction paired with moments of melodic refrains. Themes include passage of time, mortality, and artistic struggle and perseverance.

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