Less than 5 minutes from Yale university, 3 minutes from where the Amistad landed, and a staircase away from evidence of a government created crack epidemic. A fifteen year old kid from New haven CT, using Rap as a means of psychological escape, Self manifested himself as "Cambatta”.

Cambatta released his first 2 projects, The "Visionary" and "Visionary 2" in 2008 and 2010 respectively receiving major online publicity and high honors among many of the worlds top Hip Hop media outlets and blogs with no budget. But it wouldn’t be until 2013 that Cambatta would really come into his own. He changed his way of thinking – with some chemical help – and created the powerful and trippy Smoke & Mirrors series, a three-mixtape collection that was released between 2013 and 2015. The trilogy took on mystical themes and melded them with reflections on childhood to create a voice that didn’t sound like anything else. after implementing marijuana, mushrooms, and other mind altering substances into his creative process. Cambatta released "Smoke & Mirrors: The Porch" in January 2013 to rave reviews and created a niche fan base. 2015 saw the follow up releases of Smoke & Mirrors: "The Womb" and "The Crackbaby" which have become cult classics within the sanctum of trippy stoners and deep thinkers. Cambatta’s latest release is Smoke & Mirrors DMT: (Definitive Metagod Trilogy), a collection of some of the best songs of the series plus previously unreleased material.

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