In February of 2014 eight musicians played an hour and fifteen minute showcase to an invitation only crowd that marked the beginning of something truly special. It was the culmination of one year of work that could only be described as meticulous. A journey of details that coalesced into something whole. A sonically ambitious concept-leave no stone unturned, leave no melody unrecognized and explore every possible resource to "get it right." The result was near-perfect, album quality renditions of some of the most original, ambitious and cinematic music ever recorded by Pink Floyd.

Towards the end of 2014 the bands lineup began to evolve. Ultimately the truly strongest components of three area Floyd tribute bands, Us Not Them, Time and Project Floyd had come together and formed a band that incorporated the passion, skill and pedigree to take this band into a whole other stratosphere. Ameri-Floyd was born. The bands current line up could only be described as an embarrassment of riches.

In September of 2014 the band began the process of fine tuning the performance and embarked on the screen film projections to add the visual component that set Pink Floyd apart. At the very beginning of 2015 that show was unveiled and captured for posterity. The journey continues. The renovation never ends. The music is the score of a film. A film where we all play our role. The goal is the same. To floor our audience and stimulate all of their senses to help them get in touch with the emotional content of the music that drives us as a band to bring it to them. This is cinema. This is Pink Floyd.

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