According to legend, the shocking name was born spontaneously. Whether from the philosophical concept of catharsis, indicating the purification of the soul music and fire, or in opposition to the then official name VIA, such as singing, cheerful, blue, and other guitars, and can thus be affected Nietzsche's influence, Kafka or Edgar Allan Poe. All kinds of versions and interpretations of abysmal. Every journalist, who got an interview with the band, revered sacred duty to ask how, in the end, took a grim name. Since this issue has become an attribute of almost every press conference, the patience of the musicians gradually dwindled in recent years, hearing sacramental questioning, they brood and respond refuse flatly. So the main question of our time is still open ...

History Group Crematorium originates from 167 schools in Moscow, where in 1974 by a pupil of 7 "and" class Armen Grigoryan, Alexander Sevastyanov and Igor Shuldinger together in a rock band "Black spots". The first performances are held in the same school, at the dance, but in addition to songs by Soviet and foreign authors in the repertoire gradually appear and own compositions anglopodobnom language issued for the works of Frank Zappa, the Grateful of Dead , the AC \ the D C , etc.

The strength of the songs and musicians of talent allowed the group to discover the many glorious pages in its long history, become one of the most significant phenomena in the domestic rock scene and enter the 21st century of outstanding rock band is not only the past but also the present time.

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