In a career that spans nearly 40 years and includes over 60 album credits, Joe Lynn Turner remains one of rock and roll's most distinctive, soulful and expressive vocalists.

Born August 2, 1951 in Hackensack, New Jersey (U.S.A.), he played the accordion as a child, grew up with an appreciation for classic Rhythm and Blues (R&B) and became an accomplished guitarist in his early teens. In fact, his first band, Filet of Soul, featured singer J.T. Taylor who would later have success with Kool and the Gang. While in high school, Joe formed Ezra, performing original material and cover songs by artists who were a great influence on him: Jimi Hendrix, Free and Deep Purple.

Turner played for large audiences at many festivals in 2015 as both a solo artist and with Rock Meets Classic and Icons of Rock. This year was also sparked by Joe's reception of these awards: Legend of Rock (Italy) and a special award given to him in Crimea for the promotion of peace and outstanding contribution to world art.

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