Lez Zeppelin, the New York City-based all-girl band, has gained worldwide critical acclaim for the musicianship, passion, and gender-bending audacity it brings to the music of Led Zeppelin. Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist Steph Paynes, the group didn't take long to acquire a reputation for playing Zeppelin’s music with a kind of passion and force beyond anyone’s expectations, quickly attracting industry attention. In June 2005, Chuck Klosterman wrote an article for Spin magazine that featured Lez Zeppelin as a leading protagonist in a trend of all-female hard rock tribute bands. The fortunes and notoriety of the group surged, and Lez Zeppelin became a provocative subject for the news media across the world.

In April 2007, after extensive touring in the US and Europe, Lez Zeppelin released its eponymous debut. In the wake of this release, the band was invited as the first tribute band to ever appear at a series of major rock festivals, including the Download Festival (formerly Donnington Park) in the UK, Rock-Am-Ring and Rock-Im-Park in Germany, and the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans. However, it was an announcement in February of 2008 that Lez Zeppelin would take the stage at the Bonnaroo Festival that sparked a worldwide media storm. Throughout 2008, the group continued to tour heavily in the US and performed in Japan and India in support of its debut album.

Following a three-month tour of the US, the band headed back into the studio to start on a second album, which would take the group back to where it all began - Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut. Recording at Margouleff’s Pie Studios, a world-class analog facility, the band employed all of the same vintage equipment used by Led in 1968, working fastidiously to recreate the incredibly complex layers of the album. Having released the disc in 2010, and fresh off a worldwide tour supporting the release, Lez Zeppelin continues to deliver a musical experience that not only exceeds expectations, but serves as the authentic female counterpart to one of the greatest rock groups of all time.

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