Max Gazze teenager he moved to Belgium, Roman by birth, European adoption, where he attended the European School, is dedicated to bass guitar and performed with several local groups in Brussels. For five years he bassist, arranger and co-author of "4 Play 4", English formation of Northern Soul. With the group moved, then, in the South of France, where he also works as a music producer for the American production company "DPI" (Darius production inc.). He returned to Rome in 1992, he experimented in his recording studio, while composing soundtracks and began working with artists such as Alex Britti, Niccolò Fabi and Daniele Silvestri.

In 2013 participates at the Sanremo Festival with "Downstairs" and "your damn commitments", from the album "UNDER HOUSE." The record was released on Virgin label and contains 10 new songs. A few months after the release of the single "Under the house", is certified Digital Download Golden (GFK / FIMI source). After Sanremo, we starts immediately with l ' "EUROPEAN CLUB LIVE TOUR", which from Berlin to Bologna, via Brussels, London, Paris and Barcelona, ​​records the "sold out". Does the same with the "live" summer, the "UNDER HOUSE TOUR", which stops in theaters in major Italian cities, meeting everywhere with success by audiences and critics. In 2014 it realized a project born ideally twenty years before: with friends Niccolò Fabi and Daniele Silvestri released the solo album "the master of the Feast" (Universal Music / Sony Music) (platinum a few days after) and part of a trio for a European tour sold out; returned to Italy, the three set out on a new tour in stadiums, which also is fully booked.

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