Storyboard P

Storyboard P, a Brooklyn dancer, comes from the 1300 block of Eastern Parkway, on the border between Crown Heights and Brownsville. When he was five or so, his grandmother tugged him onto the dance floor at a family gathering and, as reggae played, got him moving for the first time. “I hated it,” Storyboard said recently. A shy child, he felt intensely exposed: “When you’re dancing, you’re revealing yourself—all these temptations, vulnerabilities, things you can’t see otherwise.” But he came to find the sensation addicting. Today, at twenty-three, he is a star of flex, a form of street dance characterized by jarring feats of contortion, pantomime, and footwork that simulates levitation. Much in the way that Savion Glover infused tap dancing with visceral aggression, Storyboard has pushed street dancing in a darker, more mature direction. His choreography, most of it improvised, has a wide range of influences: Jerome Robbins, especially his work in “West Side Story”; the Nicholas Brothers, whose acrobatic tap-dancing routines amazed Fred Astaire in the nineteen-forties; and, above all, Michael Jackson, whose otherworldly movements frightened Storyboard when he was little. “I would cry when I saw Michael,” Storyboard said. “His energy would scramble your frequency.” Storyboard has some formal training—when he was about ten, his parents enrolled him in ballet classes at the Harlem School of the Arts—but he says that his technique comes mainly from “the streets”

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Harold O'Neal

O'Neal, who grew up surrounded by the Kansas City tradition in music, began working with musical luminaries from a young age — touring internationally at the age of 19 after studying at the Berklee College Of Music and leaving the Manhattan School of Music to replace pianist Jason Moran in the influential band, The Greg Osby 4.

As a composer, Harold is known for blending the genres of 20th-century impressionist music with modern music. His solo album, "Marvelous Fantasy", is influenced by the works of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.

In addition to performing, O'Neal is equally active as a producer in the worlds of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B. In 2010, Harold began working with hip hop mogul and legend Damon Dash. This led to a long term collaboration with the iconic hip hop producer Ski Beatz, touring extensively with hip-hop artists, and producing tracks for Mac Miller, Cam'Ron, Murs, and Sir Michael Rocks. In 2012, Harold began a collaboration with super-producer Jerry Duplessis, a.k.a. Jerry Wonda (The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, Shakira, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Whitney Houston).

His work has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, and PRI, and recently, he has provided musical works for the film Loisaidas, which was executive produced by Damon Dash and Kanye West.

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Two-time Grammy Awarding winning Vocal Percussionist "RAHZEL" has mastered, then re-defined the art of beatboxing into the new millennium, emerging as a true virtuoso in this quintessential musical art form. Rahzel doesn't play any instruments, HE IS THE INSTRUMENT!! Rahzel's singular ability to re-create full songs without instrumentation, sing a chorus and provide the musical melody simultaneously, and invoke a plethora of sound effects on a whim creates an inimitable visual and sound experience. One leaving audiences across 40 countries, 350 cities stunned and hungry for more, as evidenced by the collective 30 million YouTube hits thus far.

Rahzel is most popularly known as member emeritus of hip hop's cutting edge live band, The Roots, but has lent his talents to musical artists of all genres. A highly sought after vocalist, Rahzel has collaborated by touring, recording, producing, writing or performing with such artist as Angelique Kidjoe, Beastie Boys, Beck, Ben Harper, Bjork, Bobby McFerrin, Boosty Collins, Brandford Marsalis, Christina Aguilera, Common, Cee Lo Green, Dave Chapelle, Erykah Badu, Everlast, Faith no More, John Legend, Lou Reed, Michelle N'Degeocello, Mike Patton, Maroon 5, Mix Master Mike, Methods of Mayhem, Nona Hendrix, Norah Jones, Patti Smith, Phillip Glass, Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Toots and the Maytals, The Crystal Method and The Who at such venues as Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Madison Square, Gardens, MetLife Stadium, Roseland Ballroom, Walt Disney Theater, Red Rock Amphitheater, Hollywood Bowl and Coachella Music Festival.

Rahzel continues to eschew trends in favor of redefining the boundaries of vocal expression. Expect a new single entitled Voicebox featuring Styles P from the Lox and Sean Price available June 23rd on iTunes and other digital outlets.

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Meet NIKO IS. If your faith in hip hop has been challenged, he will restore it. In an age where everyone is 'trying' to be unique Niko isn't trying at all, he just IS.

NIKO IS was born Nikolai Paiva in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Brazilian and Argentinian parents. Paiva and his family moved to Orlando, Florida when NIKO was only seven years of age. NIKO's influences in latin music, soul, R&B, rock & roll and hip hop have helped him to create a very distinctive sound and style . NIKO IS is a student of musical truth. His experience has gained him recognition as a notable songwriter, witty lyricist, visionary and exceptional freestyler.

“Every time I do a song or an album, I think conceptually, NIKO IS dot dot dot”

NIKO IS, is a name that speaks to his existence and symbolizes the many personas and attitudes that are reflected in his music. After the successful launch of his Chill mixtape series and the positive feedback garnered from his most recent mixtape, Good Blood, NIKO IS is ready for prime time. It is now, that NIKO readies the world for the release of BRUTUS.

On February 3, 2015, Javotti Media will partner with Colours of the Culture and Fat Beats Distribution to bring you NIKO IS’ debut album, BRUTUS. BRUTUS is a dynamic work that is completely inspired by the sounds of Brazil; The sounds NIKO IS grew to love as a child in Rio.

Produced entirely by Thanks Joey, NIKO’s producing partner for many years, the lush, colorful sounds of BRUTUS will take the listener on a journey they will not soon forget. Lyrically, NIKO IS is unmatched in his generation. His patterns and punchlines will have your head spinning for days and the raw, lyrical emotion exhibited by this frostalgic lyricist is sure make BRUTUS a classic debut.

BRUTUS is a culmination of songs NIKO IS and Thanks Joey have been working on for a number of years.While releasing their mixtapes, the duo were collecting songs for BRUTUS. This plan was put into motion several years ago and is just coming to fruition now.Legendary lyricist Talib Kweli and GOOD Music's Cyhi The Prince deliver strong feature appearances on BRUTUS that add to the beauty of the album. BRUTUS is NIKO IS’ moment. It is his statement to the world. Get on board!

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