Rik Emmett first gained international notoriety as the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist with Canadian hard rock power trio Triumph, which reached the height of its U.S. popularity in the late '70s and early '80s. Four Gold and Platinum-selling decades in the music business have provided him entry into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame, the Music Industry Hall of Fame, and the Junos Hall of Fame, with a few Best Guitarist awards in various categories garnered along the way.

A morphing, moving target, Rik followed up Smooth Jazz awards in ’05 and ’06, with the worldwide release of a prog rock project called Airtime in ‘07, and a Latin / Mediterranean guitar trio project called ‘Trifecta' in 2009.

Based out of, his latest releases (the 18th and 19th of his independent career) have been “Marco’s Secret Songbook”, [2012] a concept album with 15 music tracks, a spoken word narrative & symphonic underscore: and “Then Again”, [also 2012] an acoustic duo revisiting the most popular Triumph repertoire with new arrangements.

In 2011 “reCOVERy Room 9“ was released, an acoustic duo with Dave Dunlop, featuring nine cover songs from a wildly eclectic range of pop music. Continuing his commitment to prolific and conscientious music-making, Rik remains an innovative music educator of long standing with Humber College in Toronto, and is the Artistic Director of the annual Songstudio Songwriting Workshop.

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