Los Cintron pays tribute to the music of the Gipsy Kings, including their smash hit "Bamboleo" and many more enduring Spanish guitar songs. The Cintron Brothers, also hailing from Spain, have wowed audiences with a mix of world, Latin and flamenco music. Their guitars, vocals and melodies, set to enchanting rhythms, evoke the traditional sounds of their home country and the Mediterranean. This concert celebrates one of world music's most legendary bands with a display of dance, music and passion.

Just as good as importing the Gipsy Kings themselves, Los Cintron is the real deal. Popular around the world, the Cintron brothers play a mix of world, Latin, and flamenco music. They have performed with a host of notable artists, including Gazpacho Andalu, Duende Camaron, and Barbara Martinez. They've also played in front of just about every type of audience imaginable, including the Metroplitan Opera in Carmen at Lincoln Center. The guitars, vocals, and melodies of Los Cintron will transport you directly to Spain.

Both Christobal and Rafael Cintron showed musical promise at an early age and were encouraged to sing by their mother Maria Teresa Lugana Santos. Natives of Spain, they arrived in the U.S. at an early age and have been living both here and abroad for the last 30 years. Their music is expansive, they sing with the souls of gypsies, and they will enchant you with their rhythms. Whatever the occasion, these brothers will enchant, charm, and seduce their audiences to no end.

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