Dragons of Zynth with Very Special Guest & Tamar-kali

Dragons of Zynth

Dragons of Zynth's frontmen, Aku and Akwetey, are twins and were raised in Cleveland, OH. The group first won notice with the demo recording of their first single "War Lover" in 2004. The band gained attention early on for their live show opening for TV on the Radio in 2005 and collaborating with U.K. outfit Massive Attack later that year. Their debut full-length, Coronation Thieves, was released in September 2007 and was produced by David Sitek. In support of the album, D.O.Z. embarked on a multi-national tour with Yeasayer and U.S. dates with poet, musician Saul Williams in 2008. The band has since shared stages with Modest Mouse, Television and The Roots.

In 2010 the band announced a hiatus to record for their follow up LP and pursue independent projects. Aku features on the song Tiger off the debut, album of Maximum Balloon. The album by producer David Sitek features contributions by Celebration's Katrina Ford, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O,and David Byrne. Making their foray onscreen in 2011 the twins site "getting fitted for their first projects on the same day." Akwetey makes his onscreen debut as a labor striker in season two's Georgia Peaches episode of Boardwalk Empire, and Aku appears as Fast Kid in Lex Sidon's Grand Street (2012). The band is currently in recording sessions for their sophomore album.

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Tamar-kali crafts aggressive melodic rock around a voice that will shake your foundation and shatter expectations with its soulful intensity. Her independent artistry, eclectic sound and versatility have allowed her to perform on variety of domestic and international stages with a diverse list of artists from Paramore and Fishbone to Jean Grae and The Roots. The uninitiated, however, may have initially discovered Tamar-kali through her appearances in the award-winning documentary Afropunk and the Focus Features’ award-winning film Pariah, with clips of incendiary performances and soundtrack contributions providing a glimpse of her undeniable talent.

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Black Rock Coalition

The BLACK ROCK COALITION (BRC), now entering its 30th year, is a non-profit, member-supported organization founded to facilitate the maximum development, exposure and acceptance of Black alternative music and its creators. Founded in 1985 by guitarist Vernon Reid, journalist/musician Greg Tate, and producer Konda Mason in reaction to the constrictions that the commercial music industry places on Black artists, the BRC is a collective of artists, writers, producers, publicists, activists and music fans assembled to maximize exposure and provide resources for Black artists who defy convention. To date, the BRC is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to the complete creative freedom of progressive Black musicians.

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Garland Jeffreys

You could print up a list of the Brooklyn native’s catalogue, tack it to the wall, step back ten paces, and throw a dart, and you’d be almost guaranteed to hit another great New York City song — The New Yorker

Garland Jeffreys has always found New York City his most enduring inspiration. This special show by “one of New York’s rock and roll treasures” (The New Yorker) and “the quintessential New York City musician” (East Hampton Star) will be an evening of the songs that those who know Garland love most. The New York Daily News called him “The Bard of Brooklyn” and The Village Voice voted “Wild in the Streets” # 7 on its list of “The 60 Best Songs Ever Written about New York City,” saying “Garland Jeffreys recorded ‘Wild in the Streets’ with swamp-boogie grand wizard Dr. John, but its hot-summer-asphalt beat and back-alley-hiss chorus are NYC through and through — just like Jeffreys himself. Born in Brooklyn in the 1940s, half black and half Puerto Rican, he went to college with Lou Reed and was an early protégé of John Cale. His rock, soul, and reggae-inflected albums brought him a measure of acclaim in the late 1970s, but even back then Jeffreys was an underrated and underappreciated homegrown virtuoso. Though it was cut in 1973, 'Wild in the Streets' didn't make it onto an album for another four years. That's fine in retrospect, because as a slice of New York life it has proven timeless. Look at it this way: If you go into a jukebox bar in this town and Garland Jeffreys ain't on the jukebox, turn around. You're in the wrong bar.” 

This seminal song will be featured in the Baz Luhrmann Netflix series “The Get Down.”

“Garland Jeffreys Sings The City” will feature fan favorites “New York Skyline,” “Coney Island Winter,” and “Mystery Kids” as well as rarely performed originals such as “Roller Coaster Town” and “Streetwise” — and there may even be a new song or two!

For those of you who haven’t yet been to one of Garland’s legendary performances, here’s what you can expect:

Backed by a crack band, Jeffreys bring his great songs, powerful voice and buoyant personality — The New Yorker

A seriously satisfying, high-octane show — Huffington Post

Jeffreys’ live shows, which often cross the line between performance and full-on party — Elmore

Check out this genuine urban poet if you don’t know his work — The Nation

Anyone who’s seen Jeffreys live in the last few years supporting his latest albums — “The King of In Between” 2011 and “Truth Serum” 2013 — and touring around the globe like a hungry young artist half his age would agree that “Jeffreys is one of the few performers who came of commercial age in the era of Bruce Springsteen who can still make that guitar-based, myth-making impulse work as intimate art.” (NPR).

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