Experience the 'classic' 1991 film 'Point Break' in all it's ultimate glory with a live surf rock soundtrack performed by Great White Caps!

The film, which many consider to be the greatest surf/spy/extreme sports/cop drama of all time will be screened in its entirety with an ongoing interplay between the audio from the film and the band's live performance. Great White Caps, armed with scripts and an assortment of cues, will be bringing the audio and dialogue of the film out to the forefront to preserve the storyline, before jamming alongside its memorable sequences. It is a well rehearsed production that has yielded not only a new and unique way to experience a movie you love, but a band as well.

At these special screenings which have been performed all over the East Coast, the key is just simply having fun.  They strongly encourage audience participation and the crowd are asked to yell at the screen and recite their favorite dialogue. At the end of the day these performances are happening because they love the movie so much, as band member Montag the Magnificent said, "This was a labor of love, because since my first VHS copy of this movie, to the many hung over Saturdays catching it on TV,to now having rehearsed and performed in front of this movie well over a hundred times, it never stops being fun. It’s as simple as that.”

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