Throughout her decade+ career as an award-winning songwriter and chart-topping recording artist, Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (a.k.a. PLUMB) has established herself as a multi-faceted musical force.  Even while juggling her role as wife and mom to three, Lee has achieved what many artists only dream to accomplish with a full-time career.  With multiple #1 songs and albums in the Christian, Mainstream and the Dance/Club worlds, a successful songwriting career and numerous song placements in movies and television, the past fifteen years have seen PLUMB establish a legacy of remarkable breadth.  Now, with the advent of her sixth studio album Need You Now, and hot on the heels of the #1 breakout title-track single, PLUMB reaffirms her place as a respected voice and writer in multiple genres.

Beginning first with her own chart-topping singles (Stranded, Boys Don’t Cry, God-Shaped Hole), Lee quickly developed into a successful writer for others, such as Mandy Moore and Michelle Branch.  PLUMB’s semi-hiatus from touring since 2005 to raise her 3 children proved to only help her career, lending additional depth and creative outlets to Lee’s arsenal.

“Music is such a part of who I am, that is actually makes me a better mother,” Plumb says with a smile.  “To be able to still fulfill the creative side of me gives me a great contentment and confidence in myself.  It’s those attributes that I’m hoping influence my children, whether they choose music or not.  And I drive a mean mini-van and can sort and build Legos like you’ve never seen!”

Lee’s otherworldly voice has made Plumb a perfect fit in numerous film & TV soundtracks (including Bruce Almighty, Vampire Diaries, and One Tree Hill).  Widely embraced in the dance/remix community (including 5 top 5s and 3 #1 Billboard Hot Dance singles for Hang On, Cut, In My Arms, and I Don’t Deserve You), PLUMB has seen recent collaborations with the some of the most elite names in the dance and EDM scenes, including Paul Van Dyk and BT.

She explains, “One of the most rewarding elements to my career has been the acceptance I’ve felt by a genre I had otherwise been so removed from.  EDM almost feels like I found a little bit of home, but a home I didn’t even know I was missing.  I feel appreciated for what I contribute there, and am I incredibly inspired by it constantly.”
Now 2013 brings the release of Need You Now, recorded with long time Producer and co-writer Matt Bronleewe, After years of working together, the pair know each other well, and their art is the evidence.  “We have incredible musical chemistry, so making this album, much like others we’ve made, was like breathing.”  Plumb continues, “It’s a necessary part of my life…something I am always aware of but often so much a part of me that I can be totally unaware of it’s magnitude of who I am.”

Plumb has never been an artist known to sugarcoat life.  She has a reputation to tell it like it is, giving an honest view of life while always showing the hope and light in every situation.  The songs on Need You Now are original stories of struggle of real life people, stories of hope, loss, and restoration.  These songs have a universal appeal, even for the artist, who is often struck by songs written about others that end up feeling strangely autobiographical.  Life imitates art, some may say.
Plumb explains, “Since recording the album, I have had to walk through amazing challenges of all sorts – health struggles, relationship struggles, spiritual struggles.  But now, I can honestly say, there is always hope…”

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