Planet Rox is an annual showcase and music industry networking event. Meet and greet our 100 person Industry guest list. Network with who is who in the Music business. Get Connected!

Mike Madrigal's 3rd Annual Planet Rox will feature artists on the breakout--

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Liquid Blonde

Liquid Blonde was spawned in a dark dingy room in front of an old computer in 2008 A.D. by the creator, Tyler Stone. After being cast off and raised by a pack of wild cyborgs, Stone journeyed to Planet Earth to tame the wild beasts with his amazingly inventive songs, music production, and performance. It wasn’t long before he was oozing through the underground New York City Nightlife as if he were liquid. Stone comes factory equipt with an over-active libido, can of hairsrpay, and a collection of the sexiest and deadliest musicians in Manhattan.

Transformed into one organism, they hi-jack and intoxicate the cryogenically frozen music subculture and give them life.

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HRT BRK started in the lower east side NYC and consists of Angela, the singer/songwriter and Bryanna the rapper. They were friends for years before discovering each others talent for writing and performing. HRT BRK writes all their own music and is collaborating with new producers to discover their rock n roll/hip-hop sound. They have remixes out by legendary Todd Terry and NYC trap guru Cobra Krames. They are currently recording an album and performing locally in the lower east side.

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Sand Flower

Watching Sandflower perform is like ecstasy on long legs. Between her outrageous dress expression, attitude, delivery and energy you are guaranteed to never want to walk away the same.

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Elliot Has Powers


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Prince Malik

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