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Open Till Midnight

Open Till Midnight is an American rock band formed in New York in 2008. The band currently comprises Matt Ballinger on vocals, Mike Cook on guitar, Ross Deutsch on guitar, Keith Gooberman on bass, and Zachary Eldridge on drums. During a time in music when indie-this and hipster-that try and reinvent the musical wheel, Open Till Midnight delivers a true to formula melodic sound that is one of the most polished and promising acts to come out of New York City.

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The Slim Kings

Only in the computer age can a band come together the way The Slim Kings have. Two elementary school friends reconnect on Facebook by “liking” the same YouTube links to Black Keys tracks, Kinks B-sides, and obscure Hendrix bootlegs. Inspired, one friend, guitarist Henry Geller, known for sharing the stage with Etta James and Johnny Winter, starts sending the other friend riffs recorded on his iPhone. The other friend, singer-songwriter Michael Sackler-Berner, best known for being a featured artist on Sons of Anarchy and Law & Order, sends the riffs back weeks later with melodies and lyrics. Text messages about tracking a record ensue.

Michael puts in a call to drummer, Liberty DeVitto, whom he connected with for a session via MySpace two years prior. Liberty, a drumming icon, known for his 30 years of hit making with Billy Joel, signs on for a couple days of recording based on the iPhone mp3s of Henry’s playing. Session ace Kevin Jenkins is emailed to see if he’ll play bass in the band between tour dates with blues star Shemika Copeland. He agrees.

One month later the band assembles in Brooklyn at Michael’s home studio, The Social Club. (The studio is named for the building’s previous exsistence as a mobbed up number running club.) Over the next two weeks the band completes basic tracks for their entire debut album, titles the record “Fresh Socks,” writes half the material for their second album, and agrees on calling themselves “The Slim Kings.”

Inspired by the fluidity of the collaboration, the band decides to investigate having the tracks professionally mixed. Stems are emailed to England to producer/engineer Tom Elmhirst’s management company. Hot off the success of Adele’s “21″ and Black Keys “El Camino,” the band has limited expectations given their non-existent budget, label, and track record. Three days after the band watches Tom accept the Grammy for record of the year on television, Tom emails the band a mix of his favorite Slim Kings track, “Need Me Too.”

Liberty posts “Need Me Too” on YouTube and within two days the song has over 2,000 plays and fans begin asking to see the band live. Facebook groups are created and twitter accounts activated.

The remaining tracks are sent to California, where mixer Brian Scheuble, known for his work with Stone Temple Pilots and Stevie Nicks, spends a couple weeks putting the finishing touches on “Fresh Socks.” Meanwhile the band starts receiving requests for radio interviews and TV licensing as the YouTube clip of “Need Me Too” continues to spread.


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Pants Velour

Pants Velour is to New York hip hop as cheese whiz is to Philly Cheesesteaks: undeniably satisfying, but terrible for your cholesterol. There is so much stimulation on stage during a Pants Velour show that if you have a history of epilepsy, you are encouraged to sit behind an iron curtain and listen only. If you are so fortunate to be able to view a Pants Velour performance, you’ll fall in love with this unique brand of New York City hip-hop, pop, rock and soul music to form a sound that can only moderately be likened to the Beastie Boys meeting No Doubt in a forbidden, star-crossed, extra marital affair.

The genre-bending music has been described as a "unique brand of hip-hop, R&B and pop" by USA Today, and a combination of "today’s pop-soul and yesterday’s hip-hop" by the Washington Post. The group’s irreverence is second-only to their lyrical cleverness and pop sensible musicality…so...third-only. They are signed to (*oxymoron alert*) independent behemoth, Tommy Boy Entertainment, and have played shows alongside Mobb Deep, Dru Hill, Magic!, and many more.

Pants Velour is lead vocalist Niki Darling, emcee Josh Raff, emcee Eli Northrup, guitarist Sam Coe, keyboardist Jordan Battiste, with bassist Max Calkin, drummer Richard Curtis, and backup vocalist Cenophia Mitchell.

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Fifth Nation

Fifth Nation is the white-hot soul-rock creation of lovers King Julia and Musik Read. After meeting on a Texan stage in the Spring of 2009, they released their first record FLIGHT and spent six months touring the United States. After releasing IT'S ON the following Spring, they abandoned their nomadic mission to settle in Brooklyn, NYC, where they recorded two singles (I'M IN LOVE, FIGHT A WAR), an EP: TV IS DEAD, a full-length self-produced record NATHANIEL, and released four official videos with director Edwin Escobar. They toured twice to California to fuel the cultivation of their NYC home studio, where they now incessantly record between performances for their booming fanbases around the Northeast. They are focused on releasing and licensing self-produced music and preparing for expansive American and Global tours. They are dedicated to the mission of promoting Love and Respect through sexy-badass Rock 'n Soul.

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The Skins

The Skins are an infectious Brooklyn-based rock band consisting of siblings Bayli, Reef, and Kaya Mckeithan, along with friends and dueling guitarists Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell. Although they range in ages from 13-19, The Skins play like old pro's, offering a soulful interpretation of rock that today's audiences crave and proving that age doesn't matter. As one reviewer puts it, “The SKINS are so amazingly bad ass, everything they do sounds the way you want a hard rock album to sound. It is intimidating, mysterious, sensual and mostly just a glorious expression of the art.

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