DJ Camilo
International Club King. Heavy Hitter. Host of the #1 show at 2 PM in the #1 radio market in the United States. Party Rocker. Ciroc Boy. Before he was any of these things, DJ Camilo was a Colombian kid from Queens named Juan Camilo Sanchez. Introduced to the art of turntables at age 12, Camilo debuted his first mixtape in the 1990’s called “CAMILO Vol. 1”. Encouraged by the response “CAMILO Vol. 1” received, Camilo began releasing mixtapes every month and quickly made a name for himself in the NYC club scene. In 2001, he caught the eye of DJ Enuff, who not only was the Notorious B.I.G.’s former DJ but also worked at the most famous hip-hop radio station in America: New York’s Hot 97. Along with the late DJ Threat, Enuff invited Camilo to join their new DJ crew- The Heavy Hitters.

In 2001, Camilo earned himself a spot on Hot 97’s roster, hosting his own Saturday night show called “Take It to the Streets.” The success of “Take It to the Streets” led to an additional show on Friday nights, appropriately titled “The Heavy Hitter Hour”, as well as occasionally filling in on the “Rush Hour” show for DJ Enuff. Currently, Camilo continues to host the “The Heavy Hitter Hour” and in 2010 added the “New at 2”, which airs daily. In an era of a market flooded with free Internet mixtapes and constant album leaks, Camilo blesses his “New at 2” listeners with the hottest new songs everyday. No wonder it’s the #1 show in the 2 PM slot in the #1 radio market in the country!

Besides hosting two shows at Hot 97, DJ Camilo continues to live up to his title of International Club King: to date, he has played in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, London, Paris, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Spain, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden and Amsterdam, among other countries. In 2010, he partnered with Diddy and Ciroc Vodka to become one of the “Ciroc Boyz”, a crew of sponsored urban DJs from across the nation, and was featured in a national promotional ad campaign. Recently, Camilo joined Heineken’s Red Star Access Tour, performing in New York and Philadelphia with G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T. He was named Latin Mixx’s DJ of the Year (East Coast) in 2010, and along with DJ Enuff and DJ Cipha Sounds starred in the reality show “The Wizards NYC” which aired on MTV2 and and was featured in the New York Daily News.

So what’s next for the Colombian kid from Queens? In addition to documenting his adventures as one of the most sought-after DJs in the country via his YouTube series “The Warning Chronicles”, he is a married father of two and is also a part-owner of Blend restaurant in Long Island City, Queens. Camilo continues to play multiple clubs 6 nights a week, and whether its a trendy NYC club, 60,000 fans at Summer Jam or an exclusive party in Cannes there’s nothing this Heavy Hitter can’t handle!
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DJ Heavyness
If there was something consistent in Heavyness’ life it was music.  His father, who had a great sense of musicality, introduced him to Djing as a youth.  Heavyness, like his father, is known to keep crowds dancing until they can’t dance any longer.  When Heavyness takes his place in the DJ booth he becomes one with the crowd.  His goal is complex, but is consistently achieved: to concoct a stream of consciousness that causes people to lose themselves in the music.

Heavyness’ journey as a DJ began in high school but flourished during college.  He began taking over the local parties and became one of the top DJ’s in his area.  He was often called to do local events and soon extended his reach to other cities becoming a premier college DJ in Upstate New York.  Post Graduation, Heavyness’ influence continues to thrive; he is often called to perform at different colleges and universities along the East Coast.

Heavyness has made his mark in his hometown NYC.  He’s made numerous appearances at some of its most notable venues including Webster Hall, Providence, Marquee, LQ, Empire Hotel , Nikki Midtown and RM55, to name a few.  His versatility and ability to play multiple musical genres has launched him into a unique class of DJ’s.

With his strong dedication to the craft and disciplined work effort, Heavyness is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJs.  He has developed an unmatched style that is formulated to keep crowds dancing and wanting more, even after an event has ended.  You can catch him performing live at different Corporate, After-work, In-Store and Nightlife events in a city near you.
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DJ Spanky
DJ Spanky, from radio 92.3 has never been one to follow the rules. The Long Island native’s proficiency behind the turntables is due to his refusal to conform to the norm. As a result of his childhood curiosities. Spanky has taken the same inquisitive spirit and applied it to his craft today, finding tracks suitable for creatively remixing some of the music industry’s most popular records.
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