Drop that dreidel and hold on to your latkes! The Schlep Sisters are heating up the holidays with Hanukkah’s Hottest Hebrew Hotties at THE 10th ANNUAL MENORAH HORAH! Celebrate eight dreidel-spinning nights of Hanukkah in one special evening of music, laughs, latkes and burlesque. The world-class Schlep Sisters – Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda – are joined by premier burlesque stars Fancy Feast, Jonny Porkpie, Varla Velour, Saphire Jones, Zoe Ziegfeld, and Sasha Velour! Plus DJ Momotaro will make you shake your moneymaker, while host Bastard Keith will keep you laughing until your candles burn out. All that fun, for just a little gelt.

Whether you’re a yeshiva bocher, an honorary Jew, or a bacon-loving while heeb, THE 10th ANNUAL MENORAH HORAH will titillate and inspire your holiday spirit.

THE SCHLEP SISTERS are burlesque performers of the Jewish persuasion! Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda are long lost sisters who found each other while tracing the roots of Yiddish Theater and Vaudeville on the Lower East Side. Inspired by Manischewitz, The Barry Sisters, and Rock n' Roll these ladies can cut a rug! The Schlep Sisters have been livin' it up on stage together and captivating audiences across North America since 2004. The Schlep Sisters were both voted into the Top 50 International Burlesque Industry Figures of 2010-2014 and were founding members and stars of Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go!, the USA’s Premier National Touring Burlesque Troupe! From the New York, Helsinki, Toronto, Florida, and Dallas Burlesque Festivals to the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, the Key West Burlesque Holiday Extravaganza, and their 2012 Australian tour, these sassy sisters have so much love they schlep it all over the world!

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