Holy poop, Chikara is returning to Manhattan!

Have you ever seen a colony of human-sized ants pouncing on a dark army of demons led by a deranged carny? Or how about some back-flipping evil ice cream cones squaring off against breakdancing Egyptians? What if we told you that a disgruntled drum major had a bone to pick with a Harlem Globetrotter?

Well, you can see all that and more at Chikara, the most entertaining wrestling organization in America right now. We're proud to announce that Chikara is returning to Manhattan at Highline Ballroom on Sunday afternoon, November 18th!

Chikara – it's the Japanese word for power and influence, and a perfect choice for an ever-evolving creative powerhouse that is changing the pro wrestling performance genre one character, one story, one breathtaking moment at a time. From humble beginnings to cult favorite status, and ultimately to worldwide critical acclaim both within the industry and without, Chikara is the bold new face of professional wrestling.

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  • Cats Meow - 652 x 367