Formed in the winter of 1990 in Boston, MA, during the rise and subsequent fall of the legendary Boston hardcore scene, Converge is unarguably one of the most important bands in the history of aggressive music. Through numerous lineup changes (the band is currently comprised of vocalist and visual design terrorist Jacob Bannon, drummer Ben Koller, guitarist and backup vocalist Kurt Ballou, and bassist and backup vocalist Nate Newton), musical trends (mosh, tech, guys crying and wearing make-up, and the '80s thrash revival), and the coming and going of more "the next great thing" than anyone cares to recall, Converge has established itself as a leader in the aggressive music underground.

It seems redundant to use the word "landmark" when discussing Converge's musical canon, as almost every album is genre-defining, but the band's run is unparalleled. Releases such as Petitioning the Empty Sky (1997), When Forever Comes Crashing (1998), Jane Doe (2001), You Fail Me (2004), No Heroes (2006), and Axe to Fall (2009) have established Converge as a trendsetter and an innovator, setting new standards in hardcore and metal with each release. These records have evolved the band – from its thrash-inspired, hardcore-drenched beginnings to slower, more ominous and atmospheric work, and eventually to all-out tsunami-of-hostility, hell-bent on leveling creation – and have produced new waves of followers and emulators.

After the decisive step forward that was 2009's brain-shattering Axe to Fall, Converge has found time between its relentless touring and work with other side bands to create its next album, All We Love We Leave Behind. Due out later this year, the album will surely be another milestone in the storied history of this band – an outfit that stands among the most influential players in the hardcore genre.

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