Welcome to The NYC Choreographer's Ball! The hottest dance show by top professional choreographers & dancer in the music, film & video industry. Carnival NYC spans genres with performances in every style from ballet to modern dance, martial arts to hip hop. Carnival has been the apex of the dance world. Shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, ABDC, Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent & Paula Abdul's Live to Dance have been coming to Carnival to find talent before going to the public.

With over 175 dancers and 21 choreographers contributing to the event, Carnival is a platform for the best talent in NYC's dance industry to exhibit the most progressive innovations to creative expression and movement.

Carnival has consistently provided an outlet for the world’s top choreographers. This show features the best of NYC's choreographers!!!

Carnival Choreographer's Ball NYC is sponsored by Broadway Dance Center and Capezio and is supported by MSA, CTG, bloc, CESD and Steps on Broadway.

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