2012 will be a year remembered for a lot of things – world-wide unrest, wars, famine, and great uncertainty. Not least of all, it will be remembered as the year Groundation built an ark. Through its musical evolution, now spanning seven full-length studio albums and numerous side projects, Groundation has developed an international following that has brought people together from all continents, races, and creeds through a shared vibration and vision. With Building An Ark, Groundation has created a vessel by which this community can come together and weather the rough and rising seas that are to come.

Building An Ark, like the band's previous albums before it, sets a new benchmark in not only production value, tone, and power, but also in its visionary elements of interweaving styles and heavy subject matter. Whether the outstanding solos and interplay of the players of instruments or the uplifting and complimenting vocal harmonies, Groundation pulls off the singular feat long mastered by true roots reggae: rough and revolutionary messages draped in appealing and soothing music. And the results speak for themselves.

Already, the Building An Ark 2012 World Tour has seen Groundation play to tens of thousands of fans on four continents and over 20 countries. The US segment of the tour brings the band back to its stomping grounds on the West Coast, as well as some very select East Coast dates, plus the Caribbean and Hawaii. US audiences are finally starting to catch up to their international counterparts. With the band's ever-changing set lists and extended improvisation grooves, a core jam band-type following, hitting multiple shows in a row, has sprung up from Oregon to Florida and all points in between. Now is the chance to see the band that has changed the world of reggae and inspired multitudes of fans the world over with its conscious, urgent, and uplifting lyrics – much needed in these times of widespread cynicism and complacency. Groundation is Building An Ark – come join them.

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