DJ Prostyle

DJ Prostyle is a Dominican-American DJ and producer best known for his work on BET's 106 & Park. He also served as the radio personality on Power 105.1 in New York City and Power 95.3 in Orlando, Florida.

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DJ Spinking

Spinking known for his summer single “Tap it” ft Red Cafe & Lore’l. Now, has put together a 15 Track Mixtape of high energy. Hip House features some of your favorite artist & producers of now, but also gives light & helps break down the walls for some of the future faces of the music industry. With Features from Meek Mill, Los, Maino, Red Cafe, Lumidee, Somaya Reece, Diggy, Young Simmons and Production from Jahlil Beats, Vinylz & More!

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DJ AK-Smooth

DJ / Event Coordinator / College Student / Young Entrepreneur

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DJ Heavyness

If there was something consistent in Heavyness’ life it was music.  His father, who had a great sense of musicality, introduced him to Djing as a youth.  Heavyness, like his father, is known to keep crowds dancing until they can’t dance any longer.  When Heavyness takes his place in the DJ booth he becomes one with the crowd.  His goal is complex, but is consistently achieved: to concoct a stream of consciousness that causes people to lose themselves in the music.

Heavyness’ journey as a DJ began in high school but flourished during college.  He began taking over the local parties and became one of the top DJ’s in his area.  He was often called to do local events and soon extended his reach to other cities becoming a premier college DJ in Upstate New York.  Post Graduation, Heavyness’ influence continues to thrive; he is often called to perform at different colleges and universities along the East Coast.

Heavyness has made his mark in his hometown NYC.  He’s made numerous appearances at some of its most notable venues including Webster Hall, Providence, Marquee, LQ, Empire Hotel , Nikki Midtown and RM55, to name a few.  His versatility and ability to play multiple musical genres has launched him into a unique class of DJ’s.

With his strong dedication to the craft and disciplined work effort, Heavyness is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJs.  He has developed an unmatched style that is formulated to keep crowds dancing and wanting more, even after an event has ended.  You can catch him performing live at different Corporate, After-work, In-Store and Nightlife events in a city near you.

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