A California native, singer-songwriter and producer Greg Laswell got his start fronting the San Diego-based alternative rock band Shillglen. Although the band enjoyed some success in the late '90s and early '00s, it quietly disbanded at Laswell's suggestion in 2001, and he embarked on his solo career, releasing his first album Good Movie in 2003. He also began devoting more time to studio work, forming his own company 20 Inch Records. Good Movie enjoyed local success and earned Laswell a deal with Vanguard Records, which released his sophomore effort, Through Toledo, in 2006.

His popularity growing steadily, Laswell joined the European leg of the Hotel Cafe Tour and released both the How the Day Sounds EP and the full-length Three Flights from Alto Nido in 2008. He also earned prominent spots for his music on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and True Blood, and in movies like My Sister's Keeper (2009). 2010 saw him release yet another full-length, Take a Bow. Recorded entirely in a cabin outside Flagstaff, Arizona, the album was marked by a considerably brighter flavor than his earlier records.

Laswell released his latest disc, Landline, earlier in 2012. Having recently remarried and relocated to New York from California, he found himself building on the optimistic vibe of his last release with this new effort, recorded in a relatively short span of time in a lobstering town in Maine. About the record, Laswell had this to say: "Quite frankly, I’m happy these days. And while this album is not void of a few sad songs (which I will forever embrace), they don't hang on me like before. I've never had more fun writing and recording a record. Turns out, there’s a whole lot to say once one's head is up."

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