Idle Warship is a perfect example of how a whole can become greater than the sum of its parts – and that is saying quite a lot given the musical components of the project. A collaboration between longtime friends and collaborators, hip-hop luminary Talib Kweli and critically acclaimed soulful singer and songwriter Res, Idle Warship was born out of sheer experimentation in the studio. But some of the best things in life happen when least expected. When fans of Kweli and Res heard and reacted to some online MP3s of what these two had created during their off-the-cuff sessions, it became clear that that something much bigger was brewing.

Soon after making a huge splash at SXSW in 2009 and completing a successful European tour, Idle Warship made Party Robot – their 2009 mixtape with master DJ Mick Boogie and singer-songwriter Graph Nobel – available for free download in 2010. It only left the fans craving more. The following year, Idle Warship released their first official collection of songs, Habits of the Heart, on November 1st, 2011. The 12-track album found the duo storming the music scene with a bold and indefinable mash-up of influences, from soul and hip-hip to alternative and electronic. Idle Warship brought an incredible range of musical sensibilities into the studio, and it's no stretch to say that the output blew the minds of fans everywhere.

Habits of the Heart stormed the music scene last year, receiving glowing praise from the likes of People Magazine,,, Filter, Bust, MTV Hive, YRB, and Idle Warship also drew attention for their unconventional idea to be the first to premiere their full album on Spotify US three whole weeks ahead of release date. 2012 has proven to be no less exciting, with a string of sold-out shows on prominent stages around the country. Don't miss what is sure to be another awesome performance by this all-star duo, tonight at Highline Ballroom.

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