The music of British pop rock duo Graffiti6 is as vividly vibrant as the group's name suggests: an uncategorizable mélange of pop, psychedelia, R&B, and British soul that fully capitalizes on the soaring uplift of Jamie Scott's emotionally transparent voice and gift for melody, and TommyD's irresistible rhythms and inventive production. Both Scott and TommyD (real name Tommy Danvers) are London-born multi-instrumentalists who began making music together in 2009 and decided to call the resulting collaboration Graffiti6. After Scott released his solo debut album in 2006, he was considering working with new collaborators as a way to repackage the album when an A&R executive at Polydor suggested he meet Danvers. The two hit it off instantly, and instead of repackaging Scott's solo album with production by Danvers, the two decided to start writing original material together.

Graffiti6 began by releasing music on its own label, putting out the EP Stone in My Heart in March 2010 and the single "Annie You Save Me" in July 2010. The duo then released the full-length Colours on its own NWFree Music label in the UK in October 2010 and signed to Capitol Records early in 2011. The label rereleased the album in early 2012. Graffiti6's songs have already been heard on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Covert Affairs, CSI: NY, One Tree Hill, and in the new MTV series Teen Wolf. Songs like "Stare Into the Sun" and "Free" are "latter-day psych-soul nuggets, all phased vocals and sunshine melodies given the warp factor," as London's Guardian newspaper put it, while the remainder of Colours zigzags all over the musical map. "For me, the unexpectedness of the sound is the whole point," Scott says. "It's fun to mess with people's heads."

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