David Johansen was born in Staten Island where he sang in Rock & Roll dance bands during his high school years, Upon graduation he moved to the East Village where he performed with Charles Ludlum's Ridiculous Theater as a spear carrier until he joined up with the fledgling New York Dolls.

The Dolls made two iconic Rock & Roll records before disbanding in the mid-seventies. At this time he embarked on a solo career with his David Johansen Group which recorded six highly acclaimed albums and toured incessantly for the next ten years. During this period David began singing Jump Blues, Calypso, and "Pre-Hayes code Rock & Roll" under the name Buster Poindexter in a small saloon in his Gramercy Park neighborhood with his band, sometimes called The Banshees of Blue and sometimes The Spanish Rocketship , he recorded four swinging cd's. At the end of the century he started a band called David Johansen & The Harry Smiths who recorded two superb albums of early American blues and mountain music.

In 2004 the remaining New York Dolls reunited for a one off gig in London and have been touring and recording ever since. When not playing with the Dolls David can be found performing an acoustic show with his old pal and collaborator Brian Koonin on guitar. Sez Johansen "I've been wanting to sing a bunch of songs unplugged that I don't normally get the opportunity to sing in a loud and fast Dolls show. As much as I love that, I also like to explore the more soulful side of singing, I'll be singing songs from throughout my career and maybe some songs that have inspired me, with acoustic guitar accompaniment in a mellow and intimate setting.  It's very musical and beautiful.”

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