Stuffed & Unstrung is a live uncensored show that lets loose the perilous and provocative elements of comedic improvisation on stage with a bunch of puppets. Produced by WestBeth Entertainment and Henson Alternative, the show is created by award-winning director, producer, and writer Brian Henson and actor and improvisational guru Patrick Bristow, and it features The Jim Henson Company's renowned puppeteers. Patrick Bristow serves as host for the show, and the musical director is Willie Etra.

Stuffed & Unstrung is a wild romp in which the skilled art of puppetry and spontaneous comedy collide. Unpredictable and irreverent, it's never the same show twice. Expert puppeteers create twisted scenes and songs on the fly, as suggestions from the audience prompt the improvised storylines unfolding on stage. This production delivers two shows in one, as the hilarious puppet action is projected live on large screens flanking the stage, while the puppeteers race around below – displaying their skills in full view of the audience. With live musical accompaniment and Bristow as host, Stuffed & Unstrung boasts a cast of six world-class puppeteers in an uninhibited live puppet performance, the likes of which have never seen before.

This show has drawn rave reviews and overwhelming audience response. The Los Angeles Times declared: "You cannot imagine the mayhem that erupts when an uninhibited house takes its cues from the gifted lunatics onstage. As uproariously uncensored an adult entertainment as you could hope for without lap dancers!" Time Out New York added: "Watching these pros work is consistently funny and fascinating. Since the puppeteers are visible throughout, viewers are treated to an up-close look at the mechanics of their trade. After it's all over, it's doubtful that you'll ever be able to watch Sesame Street the same way again ... and you'll be all the better for it."

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