Born and raised in the Fillmore District of San Francisco, Andre Nickatina has been a hip-hop luminary since the release of his critically acclaimed debut The New Jim Jones (1993). A favorite at public venues and on college campuses, he continues to sustain a loyal fan base while engaging new supporters throughout North America. Nickatina's longevity speaks for itself. An award-winning emcee and producer, he possesses a vision that has expanded beyond the almost 20 albums (and hundreds of thousands of sales) that he has executive-produced. Also a diverse artist, he has gained critical acclaim for his work and vision as a filmmaker, with more than seven films to his credit as either a director, co-director, executive producer, producer, or actor.

Changing his name from Dre Dog to Andre Nickatina in 1996, this rapper transformed his career to a level that has allowed him to create and develop an entirely new fan base with his original flow, distinct voice, and unmatched lyrical explorations. His third album, Raven in My Eyes (1998), marked Nickatina's shift as an artist and expanded his audience to the wildly enthusiastic college crowds that praise him with regular sellouts from coast to coast. In 2008, he completed a timeless masterwork with his close friend Mac Dre titled A Tale of Two Andres. His lastest studio album, Khan! The Me Generation, dropped in 2010 to raves from fans and critics alike.

Without saying so, for over two decades Nickatina has had his finger on the pulse of what is raw, uncut, and capable of capturing the mind and ears of listeners. Never one to follow or ride trends, Nickatina is a rare breed of artist… one of the last original trendsetters. His reputation in the hip-hop community is legendary, as an artist who was not only present during the golden era of hip-hop, but is also one of the few musicians who has helped the music grow and who has remained ultimately relevant with each successive album he has released. His relevance continues with his Where's My Money Tour, which celebrates the release of his brand new mixtape of the same name, out March 11th.

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