100% of the proceeds from ticket sales for this show will go directly toward benefitting the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit near Sendai through the JCC Fund's 2011 Northeastern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

Hideki Togi, the flame keeper of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) that represents a proud legacy of 1,400 years, and Iwao Furusawa, the multi-award-winning violinist who makes the world his stage – the two have been collaborating for over 15 years, drawing 20,000 people every year in their joint annual national tour. Furusawa's understands and integrates gagaku well into his sound; he is the one and only violinist who can weave sounds that represent Orientalism. The music by musicians from different streams of tradition – Togi from the East and Furusawa from the West – blends like art and creates an exquisite sensation. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of their performance, primitive yet modern, freely transgressing the boundaries of music.

Togi was born in Tokyo in 1959. The Togi family has a tradition of gagaku that can be traced back 1,300 years to the Nara period. He passionately creates his own music by combining the natural flavor of gagaku with piano and syntehsizers. Since moving into the limelight in 1996 with his eponymous debut album, he has continued to generate one record after another, embarking on an album release tour in Japan every year since 1999. He has also worked prolifically as a composer, creating the music for the documentary series The Universe: Traveling to the Unknown, the film Blue Flame (1993), and television advertisements for Mercedes Benz, Kyocera, Lipton, and McDonald's Japan. In addition, he has written several non-fiction prose works and picture books.

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