Look out, the musician's favorite singer-songwriter is coming to a place near you with a new album. Says KT Tunstall: "He is the sound of melting ice, haunted woods, and beautiful honesty." He is Teitur (Tie-tor), a man from the Faroe Islands who turns music into magic beautifully and effortlessly. In 2002, Teitur was signed by the legendary Doug Morris to Universal Records in the US. He soon released his first album Poetry & Aeroplanes (2003), which became a critical hit with its simple, sincere songs. Teitur's popularity ballooned as he toured the US and Canada extensively, performed on American chat shows, watched as his songs got snapped up for film soundtracks, and garnered the attention of respected singer-songwriters like Rufus Wainwright, Aimee Mann, KT Tunstall, Ron Sexsmith, and John Mayer, all of whom took him on tour

In 2006, Teitur's manager broke with Universal and started a label just for Teitur, Arlo and Betty Recordings. Teitur released his second album Stay Under The Stars on the label in the same year, which featured the radio hit "Louis, Louis" and established him as a major star in Scandinavia and across Europe. By 2008, he had completed 700 gigs in 20 countries in four years, which earned him a reputation as of one of the hardest working artists on the road. His subsequent releases included a release in his native tongue, titled Kata Hornid (2007), and The Singer (2008/2009), the latter of which garnered five-star reviews in The Guardian and The Independent and featured standout tracks like "The Girl I Don't Know" and "Catherine the Waitress."

October 2009 saw the UK-only release of All My Mistakes, an album that took listeners through the last seven years of Teitur's glittering career and revealed the marvelous jewels from his back catalogue, further cementing his reputation as a standout artist. About the album, Andy Gill wrote in The Independent: "There's more than enough evidence here to bear out Teitur's assertion, in the title track, that 'all my mistakes have become masterpieces.'" Teitur's newest album, Let the Dog Drive Home, was recorded in 2010 in Denmark. The album is out in most of Europe and has already reached the Top 10 in Denmark. "You Never Leave L.A." is scheduled as the first US single from the disc, and Teitur will tour the US in February and March of 2012 in support of the release.

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