New Deco Orchestra (Just Announced)


Imagine walking into a ballroom with a beautifully lit stage highlighting a 22 piece orchestra featuring, strings, horns, harp and orchestral percussion in addition to a modern rhythm section with guitar, piano bass and drums. Everything about what you see … Continued

Doomtree (Just Announced)


Wings and teeth. No two symbols could’ve been better chosen to represent Minneapolis rap stalwarts Doomtree. The endlessly innovative crew/label has defied categorization from the start, leaving behind convention for what’s best described as aggressive transcendence. Through a tireless work … Continued

RAC DJ set (Just Announced)


RAC used to stand for ”Remix Artist Collective”. That name doesn’t make much sense anymore. Who cares? These days it’s the solo project of André Allen Anjos. RAC is primarily known for remixes (200+). It started with an ambitious goal to change the way things were … Continued

Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill (Just Announced)


The Irish fiddler Martin Hayes and Chicago guitarist Dennis Cahill are two of the world’s leading artists in Irish music. The two met in Chicago in the 1980′s, and have been exploring and expanding the Irish tradition together on and … Continued