Kyle Dunnigan (Just Announced)


Most recently Kyle has been contributing on air comedic pieces for The Howard Stern Show (3 segments have aired thus far), has booked a supporting role in the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow feature, Trainwreck and performed on a live NPR’s Radiolab … Continued

The Jewbadours’ The Last Schmaltz (Just Announced)


Jewish men singing male-male duets of the late 70′s and early 80′s while visiting their mothers in Westchester. Huddled around their AM Radio on the fire escape of a fifth-floor walkup, Native New Yorkers Yakob Veivelman and Ariel Hammerstein grew … Continued

Willie Nile (Just Announced)


Anyone who’s paid attention to his recent output knows that Willie Nile is currently in the midst of a creative renaissance that’s produced some of the most compelling music of his 35-year career. The tradition continues with his forthcoming American Ride, due out … Continued

HAPA (Just Announced)


Often encapsulated as the “Sound of Maui” or the “Soundtrack of Hawaii” the music and sound of the group HAPA evokes a place that many people have referred to as heavenly. The sound? Expect to hear hypnotic, liquid guitar runs … Continued

Menorah Horah! (Just Announced)


Drop that dreidel and hold on to your latkes. We’re heating up the holidays with Hanukkah’s hottest Hebrew hotties! Our evening of music, laughs and burlesque will keep your dreidel spinning all night long. Whether you’re a yeshiva bocher, an honorary … Continued

Eric Hutchinson (Just Announced)


As Eric Hutchinson journeyed toward the making of Moving Up Living Down, the delightfully witty and supremely wise follow-up to his hit debut Sounds Like This, he developed a very simple rule regarding new songs. “I traveled so long and … Continued

Tony Lucca (Just Announced)


It is nearly impossible to find a current singer/songwriter between the ages of 20 and 40 who doesn’t have a seemingly identical list of influences as their peers. Whether its the soul-bearing lyrics of Stevie Wonder, or the gritty folk … Continued

Panteon Rococó (Just Announced)


Con 19 años de trayectoria y seis discos en estudio, Panteón Rococó sigue inyectando grandes dosis de energía en cada concierto haciendo cada uno de éstos inolvidables. Han recorrido gran parte de los escenarios y festivales de su natal México, … Continued

Zap Mama & Antibalas (Just Announced)


Collaborating for the first time ever, Zap Mama and Antibalas will come together to celebrate the evolution of contemporary Afro music. From Afrobeat to Afro-Pop music, Zap Mama mixes African vocal techniques with European polyphony while Antibalas effortlessly seams Afrobeat … Continued