1 Shot Dealz


When you think about raps beginnings you think about New York. So many rappers have come out of New York and just as many continue to find their niche in the life-changing game of rap. In the midst of the crazy hustle of these city streets you will find up and coming artist 1 Shot Dealz, reppin’ East Harlem (specifically 105th Street & 1st Avenue). 1 Shot Dealz grew up in Wilson Projects. He is the oldest of his Mother’s 6 children and the youngest of 3 on his father side. His Grandmother helped raised him while his Mother was out hustling to provide because his biological Father was in jail for most of his childhood.

Coming from a family of hustlers, he was taught to work for his and to accept no handouts. This mindset lead him to start hustling too. where he received the nickname “Young Dealz.” While the other guys in the hood weren’t taking $1-2 shortages to make a sale, 1 Shot was the young dude taking all of that short money and giving out deals. They would say, “That young boy don’t play, he’s always giving out deals.” He became known around the block as “Young Dealz” which later evolved into “1 Shot Dealz.”

When he began high school he discovered and unvailed his ability to rap. He had a story to tell and so he began to tell it. This unleashing motivated him to break his way into the competitive rap game. Breathing life back into NYC, 1 Shot Dealz brings forth a new energy; an aggressive, unique style called “RYDA music.” He walks you through the pain and the joy of his life growing up in East Harlem to where he stands today. 1 Shot Dealz not only paints a portrait for you through his lyrics, but the emotional translation of his experiences via word adds vivid color to it as well. He lives by these mottos: “Go Hard or Go Home,” and “Life is what you make it.” He’s doing exactly that to claim what’s his.

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