8/19 We Are Good Friends Benefit Concert – A Benefit for Local Charities feat. Newborn, Secret Beaches, Bruno Sutter and Doses & Mimosas (Just Announced)


Proceeds to benefit:

–          Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund, Inc.,
Lead The Way Fund

–          At Gift of Life
Gift of Life

–          Community Solutions 
Community Soloutions

–          Muddy Paws Rescue 
Muddy Paws Rescue

Doses & Mimosas.

Long Island, NY – On a cold dark night in upstate New York, a kangaroo named Joey stumbled into Tom’s bear cave. As he battled the bear with tunes of love and rock their sounds echoed throughout the town. Overhearing the noises in the distance, a guitar shredding hawk named Ryan, and a bass slapping trippy turtle named Zac joined the rock ensemble, and they became the party animals known as Doses & Mimosas.

Bruno Sutter

New York, NY- Bruno started his professional career as a music engineer at the legendary Hit Factory in NYC after graduating from IAR.  He then went on to work with major artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, Mary J Blidge, Missy Eliot, Justin Bieber, and Prince Royce to name a few. He has also worked with producers such as Elliot Scheiner, Kevin Shirley, Steve Thompson, and Rockwilder. Bruno has worked in many cities in the United States traveling with artists such as Busta Rhymes. His work has also taken him to countries such as France, Greece, and Jamaica. Alongside his producing and music engineer background, he is a singer songwriter, and guitarist.  Influences include Ryan Adams and Damien Rice.

Secret Beaches

Oneonta, NY – Shhh….it’s a secret. Calling their music Lolli-pop, their creamy grooves will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. Finding the secret beach is not easy; it’s all about the paradise we create for ourselves. Infatuation, late nights, suspended beneath the moonlight.


Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY – The band found its roots in a high school friendship between Allen James (vocals/guitar) and Eric Weglicki (guitar/bass/vocals) and a love of rock spanning from Metallica, Nirvana, to Muse. After many years of jamming together they decided to form a band. Neither one of them wanted to grow up too quickly and live a typical “adult” life, so they deemed their band “Newborn,” which represents the way of looking at life with constant marvel, the way a child does. Blake Suben (drums) joined the band as Weglicki switched over to bass, and the current line up played their first show full on show in December 2014 and release their debut EP “Broken Virgo” just two later.

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