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Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

As Seen on Season 4 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”. Original. Imaginative. Ridiculous. Origimagidiculous. Based in Orlando, FL, VoicePlay performs their own incredible brand of entertainment across the country and around the world. What began quite literally as a street corner barbershop act has now evolved into an internationally acclaimed touring sensation and video entertainment brand. VoicePlay is unlike any theatrical experience available today, recreating the orchestrated sound of an entire musical production with nothing but the the human voice. The cast of VoicePlay has taken the timeless sound of vocal music and turned it completely on it’s head. Re-imagined as a full stage show, amazing, humorous, and vertigo-inducing harmonies pepper VoicePlay’s music-without-music sound as it ping-pongs between eras and styles, channeling the breadth of the musical landscape and lacing it with inventive and often hilarious on-stage theatrics.

Born in Norfolk,VA, J None started singing in the teen choir for his bible study at the tender age of 12. At the age of 14 he began entertaining audiences at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC Amateur Night and Top Dog talent competitions.

In 2011, J attained international recognition for placing in the Top 32 on Simon Cowell’s newest talent show “The X-Factor” as ¼ of the young pop group 4Shore. Audiences enjoyed the stellar performances, with his smooth, soulistic vocals, and R&B/Soft Rock/Pop takes on original and cover songs.

Mr. Like None Other shows that he is well rounded as he also plays piano, violin, and guitar. He studied music performance at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in Music Production. Most recently, J.None auditioned for Season 14 of the hit Fox singing competition “American Idol” and advanced to the Top 48. Currently, he is working on original music and completing his masters program. This young man is changing and will continue to change our world, as we know it through music. You can find J.None’s newest EP “I Want More” on all digital outlets, available now for purchase.

The soaring tenor voice heard on most of the leads in VoicePlay’s songs belong to none other than Earl Elkins, Jr. Involved in organized musical groupings at a very early age, Earl has literally traveled the globe in pursuit of the ultimate vocal challenge. Earl’s rock opera tenor voice has been heard from England to Japan while he was touring as an ambassador of the city of Orlando, with then Mayor, Glenda Hood.

Earl also plays a large part in creating original concepts. Many of the melodies and alternate harmonies heard in VoicePlay’s catchy tunes come from Earl’s spontaneous noodeling around, and end up being some of the most creative spots in VoicePlay’s albums and live performances. When not working with VoicePlay, Earl can be seen performing on several world class cruise lines and around Orlando including Crush at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Finding Nemo, The Musical. And if he’s not there, check the free weight station at the local Gold’s Gym…

As well as vocal talent, Earl also possesses instrumental talent as a French horn and trumpet player. He has been with VoicePlay since its inception in the beginning of 2000. With his powerful voice and commanding stage presence, he is an undeniable asset to the cast.

Geoff Castellucci was born in Alexandria, VA and with well over 10,000 professional a cappella performances to his credit, has been singing since he can remember. His earliest musical memories are of playing the piano at his grandfather’s house in upstate NY when he was just five years old and break-dancing for home-movies. Recognizing musical talent and terrible dance skills, Geoff’s parents enrolled him in classical and jazz piano training. From that doorway to music, Geoff branched out to vocals and guitar, but still loves to play the keys.

Geoff got his first taste of a cappella through singing in middle school choir, but didn’t really develop as a “bass man” until high school when he co-founded VoicePlay (then 42Five) with Layne, Earl, and former members Scott Porter (yes, THAT Scott Porter) and Michael Kilgore.

The brainchild behind many of VoicePlay’s onstage antics, Geoff finds his creative outlet in penning arrangements for the act and coming up with new and innovative ways to embarrass the cast on stage. When not working with VoicePlay, Geoff can be seen making the rounds at Orlando area theme parks, including a very rumbly Frankenstein and Elwood Blues at Universal Studios Florida.

Born on Dec 16th in Orlando, Florida, Layne Stein has been singing since his earliest years in school, and like Geoff and Earl, was originally trained as an instrumentalist, playing the violin for 14 years before joining VoicePlay. After realizing he could spit to make money, he quickly learned and mastered the art of vocal percussion. All of those weird-funky-amazing-wow sound effects and drum lines come straight from his very tired mouth.

From an artistic context, Layne can be considered the epicenter of production for the group, including production on all of VoicePlay’s albums. Layne is also one of the main writers for VoicePlay but doesn’t limit himself to any particular genre or style. He has penned and produced for a number of artists, some local, some large through his recording studio Rayne’s Room and is quickly becoming known as THE last word in vocal and instrumental recording.

In addition to his many and varied musical interests, Layne also holds a degree in computer engineering from the University of Central Florida, which has helped to buttress his expertise and taught him the value of continued education and the constant pursuit of a better recording.

On a surprisingly cool August evening, Eliezer Jacobson arrived to Florida aboard an interplanetary spacecraft from the Zeta galaxy. He already knew what his mission would be even though he was only seconds old. Today his part in the VoicePlay lineup furthers the fulfillment of that epic mission.

Throughout his career Eli has fronted many a rock band and has either been fully responsible or collaborative in the production and writing of hundreds of songs internationally and possibly interplanetary and interdimensionally. To better further his mission’s efforts he also went to school to earn his Bachelors in Business Management while still seeing much of this Earth world as he continued work in the music and entertainment industry.

VoicePlay is where clarity lies for Eliezer. He counts himself lucky for having been a part of it for so long and sees only a bright future ahead. While responsible for some of the quirky futuristic musical ideas as well as left field conversations, he is also well known for his powerful galactic soulful rock vocals. In fulfilling his title as the group’s Director of All Things Awesome he puts his degree, artist management experience, and advanced alien understanding to good use. This is the right path. This is the road to mission completion… Stay Tuned!

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